Don’t Believe the Hype!

Does anyone remember the movie Lawnmower Man? When I think of virtual learning, that’s what comes to mind. The main character of the film (Jobe) is able to learn in a virtual environment and ultimately become quite intelligent (among other things). The biggest difference? It’s virtual reality as opposed to a virtual environment. I found that there are some virtual reality learning environments out there, but Second Life is not one of them.  Continue reading


A Second Chance at Learning?

From the perspective of virtual learning, Second Life provides some interesting options. It seems many places already take advantage of the “virtual world” Second Life offers. From schools (both colleges and universities) to foundations, it appears there’s something for everyone. Health organizations like the American Cancer Society, along with environmental groups like American Wildlife Rescue (among several others [viewable through Eco Commons]) are trying to both inform and engage people while utilizing a completely different approach. I even found a few references to learn a second language with the help of Second Life. Check out Virtlantis if you’d like to find out more.

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