Prezi and PowerPoint….. What to choose

At first glance, Prezi seems pretty self-explanatory. I found it initially to be more engaging than PowerPoint along with possessing so many alternate options. Maybe I just don’t use PowerPoint often enough, or maybe I haven’t been utilizing it to its fullest extent.

In her Master’s thesis Prezi v. PowerPoint: Finding the right tool for the job, White explains “Prezi provides a distinct presentation experience that presents information in a non-linear fashion. This allows the presenter more flexibility and creates a way to show relationships among different items in the presentation.  In doing so, the audience may get a better idea of the big picture. At the same time the zooming feature in Prezi could potentially capture and hold an audience’s attention.” (p.2)

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Prezi Power!

So I chose to design my Prezi with Customer Service in mind. I remember hearing once that solving a client’s issue could be like finding your way out of a maze. That could explain the template I selected. Please view my Prezi and let me know what you think!
You Can Make a Difference

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