A Second Chance at Learning?

From the perspective of virtual learning, Second Life provides some interesting options. It seems many places already take advantage of the “virtual world” Second Life offers. From schools (both colleges and universities) to foundations, it appears there’s something for everyone. Health organizations like the American Cancer Society, along with environmental groups like American Wildlife Rescue (among several others [viewable through Eco Commons]) are trying to both inform and engage people while utilizing a completely different approach. I even found a few references to learn a second language with the help of Second Life. Check out Virtlantis if you’d like to find out more.

While Second Life can be used for a variety of things, I’d like to focus on the educational or training opportunities that could be found there. I located too many to list, but how about Global Learning Forum offering scientific seminars, or the Medical Examiner’s Office which (sounds a bit too graphic for me) offers instruction on autopsy procedures?! There’s even an IT group called Eduserv Island whose goal revolves around making the benefits of communication services known.

Please know I have not explored (in depth) any of these virtual environments yet, but I do plan to.

So, can you tell customer service is kind of a big deal to me? Thinking back to the days when I was in my chosen field (Training & Development), an application like this could have been exceptionally useful. The ability to simulate an environment of your choice and have interactive opportunities is truly amazing! Imagine having the chance to run through a client scenario (specific to your line of business) from start to finish and select possible responses that each result in different outcomes! The more I read about Second Life, the more I feel it may serve as an incredible training tool.


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