Teaching on SoundCloud?

In thinking about SoundCloud from a design perspective, I realized it could possibly be used as part of a simulation. Alessi and Trollip explain that educational simulations are divided into two groups based on their objectives. Teaching about something and teaching how to do something. The about group consists of physical and iterative simulations while the how to do group is broken down into procedural and situational simulations. (214) The authors go on to break down confusion surrounding simulations. Different groups of people may interpret the meanings of simulations differently. “When civil engineers or economists refer to a simulation, they likely mean an iterative simulation. Psychologists and businesspeople typically mean situational simulations whereas training professionals generally mean physical or procedural simulations.” (214)

I will not be focusing on the about group; physical simulations (consisting of “a physical object… represented on the screen”) (215) nor will I be focusing on iterative simulations (“the learner runs the simulation over and over, selecting values for various parameters at the beginning of each run…”) (217) I’d like to focus more on the how to group. Not so much procedural since a simulated physical object is usually involved and “The purpose of procedural simulations is to teach a sequence of actions to accomplish some goal.” (221) What I’m really leaning towards is a situational simulation. These “deal with the behaviors and attitudes of people or organizations in different situations, rather than with skilled performance.” (224) This type of simulation can tie in with procedural simulations but there is not a clearly defined path to take.

From a learning perspective, SoundCloud can be used in conjunction with any type of simulation. In sticking with the theory of customer service however, situational simulations would be the way to go. Don’t you agree?

Work Cited:

Alessi, S. M., & Trollip, S. R. (2001). Multimedia for Learning Methods And Development (3rd ed.). Needham Heights, MA: Allyn and Bacon.


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