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I remember last semester writing a little blurb about SoundCloud and thinking, “Wow, this could be something…..” Well trying to tie it in with an instructional module was a lot of fun. I decided to keep going with my customer service extravaganza! Please feel free to give it a listen and let me know what you think.

From a teaching perspective, SoundCloud can be used by instructors to share lectures. Students can also use it to communicate with one another as well as with their instructors. Audio clips can either be recorded or uploaded to the site directly and then distributed to respective social networks or embedded on respective sites. There’s even a option to record via iPhone and Android devices! SoundCloud can also be used for other things like band collaboration, journalism, and audio books. Since Adult Education is my primary focal point, I’ll keep on it from an educational perspective. I found a great blog post about students being asked to “demonstrate mastery of certain poetry terms and genres of American Literature by writing their own songs. Whether choosing to construct a parody or an original song, students were asked to deliver their creations vocally.” (Hardison) The students were then asked to create a QR (Quick Response) Code linking to their creations on SoundCloud. Technology today….. Wow!

In my first SoundCloud post, I was thinking about creating a situational simulation. Do you think this application could be used for such a simulation? I know it would only be one part of a bigger picture, but if used correctly it could really get the point across. I believe if one thought and planned about what message they truly wanted to get across, it could become pretty inspiring.

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Hardison, J. (2013, February 15). SoundCloud + QR codes = A gallery of students’ voices. In Getting Smart. Retrieved from


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