Prezi and PowerPoint….. What to choose

At first glance, Prezi seems pretty self-explanatory. I found it initially to be more engaging than PowerPoint along with possessing so many alternate options. Maybe I just don’t use PowerPoint often enough, or maybe I haven’t been utilizing it to its fullest extent.

In her Master’s thesis Prezi v. PowerPoint: Finding the right tool for the job, White explains “Prezi provides a distinct presentation experience that presents information in a non-linear fashion. This allows the presenter more flexibility and creates a way to show relationships among different items in the presentation.  In doing so, the audience may get a better idea of the big picture. At the same time the zooming feature in Prezi could potentially capture and hold an audience’s attention.” (p.2)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting PowerPoint by any means. White goes on to finish her thought, stating “PowerPoint offers a vast array of background patterns, design templates plus transition and animation effects that engage the audience. In addition to movement and color schemes, each tool allows for easy incorporation of multimedia such as audio, video and images.” (p.2)

Jim Harvey has some great clips out there regarding Prezi, its advantages and potential drawbacks. Harvey believes Prezi is an amazing tool with fantastic features, but just because you can use these features, doesn’t mean you should. It all comes down to the presenter. I guess what he’s trying to say is that you can dress up a presentation any way you want, but if the presenter is mundane the tool(s) used are not going to make a difference.

Check it out!

Harvey’s words ring true to me. I suppose I’ll have to use both programs a bit more before I make a final decision. This being my first time using Prezi, I’m afraid it’s too soon to make that call.

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