Analyze what?


Intulogy states that ADDIE can allow us to Analyze training needs, Design and Develop training materials, Implement training, and Evaluate its effectiveness. Sounds perfect! They start off by “analyzing three important areas:” achievable business goals, materials being taught, and capabilities of the learners. Like everyone else in pretty much every situation, people want results as soon as possible (if not “yesterday”) and often think the analysis phase can be skipped. Intulogy knows the importance of accurate analysis and outlines what may happen if this phase is not given the proper attention.

Gathering “critical information” is another important part of the Analysis phase. Asking questions about business needs, goals and objectives, defining and measuring success, target audiences, etc. is imperative at this stage (the 5 W’s and an H [who, what when, where, why, and how questions]). During this “Discovery”, one would want to collect relevant materials, review everything collected and then confirm its relevance. Goals (like objectives) must be measurable and achievable.

Now, let’s not waste our time. We also have to figure out what our audience already knows. I was happy to see Intulogy (for the most part) does not always recommend assuming. You know what people say about assuming right? It makes an…… oh you know…… Intulogy says “Sometimes, if you are very familiar with your audience, you can make informed guesses. However, some assumptions can lead to unexpected surprises when you launch the training project.” Without getting to know your audience, you may make a develop a course that’s either way too easy or terribly difficult!

Okay, so I feel like I could write an entire post about Analysis on its own!

Wait, I just did……

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